Friday, October 14, 2005

Let's put the men back in menstruation..

When I read that the Conservatives were going to propose to eliminate GST on tampons and pads, I thought, what a great idea. It's a smart way to package the supposedly right-wing idea of "tax cuts" with a supposedly progressive idea like, uh, not using natural bodily functions as a cash grab... It's like that nifty transit tax credit that the Tories proposed earlier in the year, a not-left, not-right policy that reduces your tax bill while encouraging public transit use.

Anyway, I was going to e-mail the article to an NDP-feminist friend of mine who just recently complained about the tampon tax to me. "See, the Conservative bogeyman has some ideas you could get behind," I was going to write...

But then, over at Small Dead Animals, I found out that Harper has denied the story. The Conservatives have no plans to eliminate GST from sanitary napkins. I guess they can only come up with one smart, non-partisan idea every year.

Adds Kate, "Thank God. Because, the last thing I want to hear pass the lips of a future prime minister during a televised debate is the word 'tampon.'"

Yeah, heaven forbid... What is this, Grade 5 health class? "Tee hee! The female reproductive organs look like a moose head!"

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