Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Smack my Siminovitch up...

Hey! The $100,000 Siminovitch Prize in Theatre winner is announced today, and I'm tickled pink with the choice the jury made. (The Siminovitch is given to a mid-career playwright, director, or designer every year in a three-year cycle. This year it's going to a playwright.)

I'm off to interview the recipient right now, but can't tell you who it is just yet because of an embargo. Still, perhaps there's a clue to the winning playwright in my pre-Siminovitch article in the Post today about director Daniel Brooks.

Wait, hold on... I forgot. None of you care about theatre. Have you checked out the clips for the Parliamentary Press Gallery's dinner yet? Stephen Harper's impressions are hilarious, the Mulroney cameo was great, but my favourite line of the night was Paul Martin's (as quoted on CalgaryGrit): "Now at this juncture, let me mention my father in an obligatory and awkward fashion."

You like those clips? Oh... so you do like theatre. You just don't know it.

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