Wednesday, November 30, 2005

And the first gaffe of the campaign belongs to...

Jason Kenney and the Conservatives! It's a doozy too! A laugh-out loud comedy hit! Five stars!

I know it's only Day 2 of the campaign here, but if the Conservatives keep going at it like this, I won't be surprised by a Liberal majority. This same-sex marriage business? Is there really anyone out there who, looking back on the two and a half years of endless debate over this issue, honestly thinks, "Man, I wish there had been more debate about same-sex marriage. I just couldn't get enough of it. Can I hear that dog-man marriage argument again? I just might be persuaded this time."

Okay, there are some but they're really in the minority:
After Bill C-38 passed the House of Commons in June 2005, a poll taken by Strategic Counsel asked "Do you think Bill C-38 should stand or be repealed by the next government?" 54% of respondents said "Bill C-38 should stand" while 39% said "Bill C-38 should be repealed."

In November 2005, a poll taken by Environics Research said 66% of Canadians considered the issue of same-sex marriage "settled and it's time to move on."
As I've written before, if it wasn't for this one issue, I'd actually be rooting for a Conservative victory. Instead, I'm rooting for aliens to destroy Parliament Hill -- which, alas, is not an option in James Bow's pool.

(Psst, Jason Kenney... I meant space aliens, not illegal ones.)

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