Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gemini, Meg!

Is it petty to point to this CBC Arts Gemini story just because it misspells CBC's Ken Finkleman's name in the headline? Yes.
From "Ken Finkelman wins first award of Gemini gala."
Ken Finkelman of the CBC series The Newsroom launched the last night of the Gemini Awards by capturing the trophy for best writing in a comedy series.

"The good thing about winning for writing is that you don't have to thank anyone," said the acerbic Finkelman in his brief address to the audience on Saturday.

Finkelman's award kicked off a light evening, the third and last night of the 20th annual Geminis – the award given out to the best in Canadian English-language television.
How long until they fix it? I thought it'd be done by this morning. Now, it believe it might well stay that way until Monday. Anyone want to start a pool?

[Same mistake x 3 in this Sunday update.]

[Update: By Monday morning, the error has been fixed. But we won't forget. No, we will never forget.]

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