Sunday, November 06, 2005

Online polling with a purpose.

Online polls are generally useless. Their real purpose is to give surfers the feeling they are "interacting" with the sites they visit, but the information they gather is meaningless - especially when they appear on partisan sites.

Previous NDP online polls and they way they have been run have made the party look really silly. But in their most recent, they've been much cleverer. [via Cg] Question 3:
Being ‘blameless’ because he was ‘clueless’ is a reasonable explanation for Paul Martin, considering that during the scandal he was:
- only the Finance Minister
- only the Vice-Chair of Treasury Board
- only a Senior Cabinet Minister from Quebec
- sent only one letter from a senior Liberal Party official sounding the alarm about sponsorship three months before the Auditor General’s report
- systematically taking over the entire Liberal Party apparatus including the Quebec wing.
What, no 'all of the above'?
Now, Jack, drop the writ or get off the pot!

(P.S. I know the NDP would love to avoid an election framed by the issue of Liberal corruption, but tough nails -- it's unavoidable. PM PM promised to call an election 30 days after Gomery so voters could decide if its revelations were worth bringing down the government. It's now or later, folks -- if Gomery's going to be the main issue, it's going to be the main issue, and more dilly-dallying will only hurt you.)

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