Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Paul Martin is that embarrassing uncle of yours...

Before yesterday's confidence vote, "Paul Martin tried to get the reporters crammed into the Press Gallery to do the wave."

Really? Yep: "But [Martin] was anything but calm last night at the House of Commons, gesturing and encouraging reporters in the upper gallery of the chamber to start the wave before the vote."

Geez, Uncle Paulie. Could you not... Oh, come on. Sit down... Sit down! Don't do that... Everyone's looking at us! Stop! Gosh!

Anyway, happy election everyone!

UPDATE: In the comments, Paul Wells writes, "Actually Jim Munson was the first to do the wave thing last night, from the Senate gallery. Martin was just copying him. Don't know if that's exculpatory, or worse."

If Jim Munson jumped off a bridge, would we excuse Paul Martin for following afterwards? And then, what if Stephen Harper, Jack Layton and Gille Duceppe jumped next? And then, what if instead of a federal election, we had a circus election with cotton candy pamphlets and elephants as candidates?

Canadians want answers!

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