Thursday, November 10, 2005

Second City Canadian national touring company shuts down after 20 years...

Or at least that was how I wrote the story for the Post today (free link) after running into some disgruntled comedians over the weekend. But when CBC Arts picked up on my story this afternoon, it morphed into "Second City seeks new act for touring troupe." Rather different...

I'm usually in the CBC Arts boat here, following up on a story from somewhere else, so it's interesting to watch the cycle and spin from the other side...

[For fun, check out the paragraph where I list famous Second City Toronto alumni and the one where CBC does. Note a) how it's the same list in the same order, and b) how Mike Myers is the only one out of alphabetic order in both. Heh, heh.]

Some blogosphere reaction: "Sorry, Touring Company guys, you just sucked. It was THAT bad," writes disillusioned Second City trainee Rufus.

Sometime Second City-er Andrew Currie reacts to the news of the firing of stage manager Peter Sherk: "If Second City is foolish enough to let this guy go, then as far as I’m concerned they don’t deserve to have him."

Just discovered TourCo company member Mike "Nug" Nahrgang's blog. (Wish I had seen it before I wrote the article.) Here he reacts to the dissolution of TourCo last week: "We had a great summer and now we have nothing. There are ideas and 'things in the works', but nothing will take the place of working for Second City in an official capacity. Understudies are down to one for each of the sexes on mainstage, and I can't crawl like a lizard, so I'm shit out of luck. I'm glad I busted my ass to get to Chicago in February to show SC how much I wanted to work there, only to get the axe after an amazing summer. Hooray!"

Another TourCo member reacts here.

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