Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Slowly Digesting Gomery...

There's a lot to sift through and consider here and others not battling a cold are doing a far better job. Calgary Grit had a nice round-up of blogoreaction yesterday.

In English Canada, there's too much blathering about what Gomery's report (part one -- what is there left to say?) means in terms of the next election. "Will Gomery help the Conservatives win?" Blah, blah... If you're just looking at it from that perspective, then, sure, AdScam is "not worth wasting time over."

But if you see Canadian politics as something other than a horse race, there is plenty to waste your time on here. What I'm most concerned about is the reaction in Quebec -- where hundreds of thousands of federal tax dollars were kicked back to the Liberal party's provincial wing, which then used the cash to win elections. I note that Gomery is still the top story on Google News Canada in French, while it has already slipped "below the fold" on Google News Canada in English.

Something's got to be done to restore the Liberals in Quebec -- beyond banning 10 people from the party, 7 of whom aren't actually currently members -- or another party has to step up as a viable federalist option. Preferably both.

Who knows, though? Maybe Quebecers got over the fact that democracy was subverted in their province last winter. Or maybe they are distracted by the fact that the Canadiens are leading the Eastern Conference. If so, the Liberals had better thank their lucky stars for Steve Begin.

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