Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ukraine's Orange Revolution, one year later...

Kyiv blogger Veronica Khokhlova, who became an international blogging star last November and December, attended the anniversary rally in Independence Square and offers up her thoughts on the bittersweet events of the past year:
Just returned from Maidan, for a snack and some hot tea: the weather's evil.

But - the atmosphere is lovely: everything's orange, lots of people there, and a lot more are coming. I was afraid it'd all be more like a Soviet November 7 celebration, when the guys up there order us to show up at the demonstration, so we do, and then pretend we're happy and are thinking of nothing but 1917... Thank God, today is different: there's lots of joy - and most of it is for real.

It's sad, of course, to watch the documentary about last year's events, to be reminded that it's been a year, and so many things have been fucked up. There is some bitterness. But overall, it's wonderful, despite the snow.
Khokhlova, by the way, is eight-and-a-half months pregnant...

On a somewhat related note, a couple of weeks ago, Khokhlova linked to a photo of Putin in an ugly green suit that has been making the rounds of the Russian blogosphere. I think it's a good sign that even Putin cannot stop the fug... When will Russia get its peaceful revolution?

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