Monday, November 21, 2005

Warning: Your blood pressure may rise and your polls may drop if you read this post...

I'm often baffled by the things a supposedly reputable magazine like the Western Standard will allow on its blog. Today, RightGirl wrote the following about the shocking funeral murder at Toronto West Seventh Day Adventist Church, in a post called "Natural Selection":
I can't help but giggle at the platitudes spewing forth from the media and the city officials. It's hilarious! A gang-banger gets gunned down. Other gang-bangers come to his funeral, to celebrate his fabulous lifestyle choices. One gang-banger shows up and starts killing the mourning gang-bangers. People, this is natural selection. If these are the choices you make within your family, your community, and your own life, then you have to live (and die) with the consequences. Black or white, young or old - if you live like an a**hole, you die like an a**hole. Don't go looking to the rest of us for pity.
"Hilarious"... I don't even know what to say. I see a lot of crap on the Internet, but I haven't been so disgusted in a long time.
Warren Kinsella is always warning the Conservative party that the Blogging Tories are going come back and bite them in the ass one of these elections. I wonder if Monte Solberg will regret blogging that the Western Standard blog (and others) are "the steel in the spine of the Canadian conservative blogosphere?"

(There are, of course, similarly embarrassing blogs on the Left. For instance, I am sure the NDP is displeased as punch that this troll is its most ardent online supporter...)

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