Friday, December 09, 2005

All this talk of making certain political parties disappear...

... it really makes Gilles Duceppe more of a Pinochet than a Hitler, doesn't it?

Yes, yesterday, Duceppe said that the Conservatives "sont en voie de disparition au Québec." But, he added that those were Jean Lapierre's words, not his own.

I found it strange that Duceppe felt he had to apologize the first time he talked about making the Liberals disappear in Quebec. He didn't apologize this time, however, because, he told Radio Canada, "Je ne vais pas commencer à m'excuser des propos de Jean Lapierre. Imaginez la tâche gigantesque que cela me poserait!" ("I'm not going to start apologizing for things Lapierre says. Imagine the gigantic task that would be.")

Heh, heh... Funny dude, that Duceppe.

UPDATE: Can't find Lapierre saying that the Conservatives were on the read to extinction in Quebec, but here he is in March of 2004 saying the Bloc were an "espèce en voie de disparition" (an endangered species) until the Sponsorship Scandal broke.

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