Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Conservatives' Quebec ads both insult step-brothers (and/or brothers-in-law) and amuse them.

Who here is totally digging the CPC's colloquial French-language radio attack ads?


Okay, so first there's one going after the Bloquistes, comparing them to a step-brother who's fun to hang out with, but who has his head in the clouds and is useless when you really need his help: "Le Bloc, c'est comme un beau-frère. Quand c'est le temps de chialer et de refaire le monde, il est là. Mais quand vous avez besoin d'aide pour régler un problème ou pour bâtir quelque chose, c'est drôle: il ne peut rien faire pour vous." As a step-brother who has several step-brothers, I'm offended -- but I'm still mighty entertained!

Then, there's one going after the Liberals, comparing them to a lousy lover who keeps you down and steals your money: "Si le Parti Libéral était un homme, passeriez vous encore quatre ans avec lui? Il vous a trompée, trahie, humiliée, il a renié vos compétences, vos aspirations, ce qui vous rend unique. Et avec ses chums, il a pigé dans votre sacoche. C'est le temps de mettre un terme à cette relation malsaine avec les libéraux."

There's a couple of fun TV ads, too.

The first features a woman talking, but you can't hear her. Then a Conservative-logoed microphone appears. Help Quebeckers get their voice back, she says.

The second features a dude bicycling away... but then the camera pulls back to show that the bicycle's front tire is actually in a block of cement. It's a metaphor for the Bloc, toiling away in parliament but not getting anything accomplished.

Here's the kicker: Both the radio ads and the TV ads all end by noting that that these ads were paid for with "l'argent propre" -- clean money.

To which I say, why don't we in English Canada get the zingers, Mr. Harper? You think we don't like the zingers? You think we want fake interviews with fake journalists and a car honking? No! Bring on the zingers! No more two-tier zinging!

And now for your French neologism of the day: Baladodiffusion. It's what we call Podcasting.

UPDATE: Here's an interesting article about that mentions the names of the ad agencies working on the Conservative Party's ads in English and in French. These French ads were done by Republik Advertising + Design, whose clients have included Hydro Québec and Lexus. Würstlingroup did the craptastic English-language ones.

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