Thursday, December 29, 2005

Deet-deet-dee-deet: RCMP lookin' into that whole income trust thingie.

Says Ralph Goodale:
It's very clear from the comments of the RCMP that they have no information, no evidence, no indication of any wrongdoing on my part and no direct allegation against me personally.
Yeah, you personally. But you are in charge and responsible for a whole goshdarn Finance Department... (Admittedly, according to the Paul Martin precedent, that doesn't mean you actually have to know anything about anything you don't want to know anything about.)

Go on, though:
I'm very anxious to make sure that my reputation for integrity is absolutely vindicated, because that is a very crucial part of who I am and what I stand for -- that's been my modus operandi for over 30 years.
I might be more impressed if Goodale's first priority was finding out what happened on Nov. 23, rather than being anxious about his own butt. I don't believe R.G. leaked information about his income trust announcement to his buddies, but I'm rather perplexed that the circumstantial evidence of a leak is enough for the RCMP to launch an investigation, but apparently not enough for R.G. to admit that there is at least a possibility that someone in his department is a little loose-lipped.

"I think some folks in the opposition have been playing pretty fast and loose with this one," Goodale says. Does that mean he thinks the RCMP is playing fast and loose as well? The first step is admitting that there was a problem...

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