Friday, December 16, 2005

Drop the column, Perks.

Gord Perks, the NDP candidate for my riding of Davenport, seems like a nice enough fellow. Since he's the only contender to have left a flyer at my door so far and the Davenport race is really between him and incumbent Liberal Mario Silva, I may very well vote for him.

But Perks really should give up his Enviro column at Eye weekly while the campaign is on. There's a long-standing tradition that journalists go on hiatus when they decide to run for public office. It is unfair that Perks gets a free page of self-promotion every two weeks in a publication that claims to have 310,000 readers an issue. Not that it isn't interesting to get his personal insights into campaigning in my neighbourhood... but he should put this kind of stuff on his own website.

Perks is primarily an environmentalist, not a journalist, so I'll forgive him for not knowing the professional ethics... But why haven't the folks at Eye shelved his column during the campaign?

Peter Kent raised eyebrows for continuing to work as Deputy News Editor at Global after declaring his candidacy... Perks having a prominent column in a local weekly is as worthy of our raised eyebrows.

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