Saturday, December 31, 2005

Eye Magazine: Perk-y propaganda?

I came back from holidaying in Montreal to find that my local NDP candidate Gord Perks (Davenport) is still writing his his biweekly Enviro column at Eye weekly. Unlike his last column, fairly inoffensive musings about going door to door, this week's -- "Masquerade Paul" -- is unabashedly partisan.

"[T]he spectacle of Paul Martin's recent exchange with US ambassador David H. Wilkins will forever haunt me as a symbol of everything that's wrong with Canada's electoral politics," Perks writes. "The mind boggles at Paul Martin's gall."

As I mentioned in my last post on Perks and his Eye column, "There's a long-standing tradition that journalists go on hiatus when they decide to run for public office. It is unfair that Perks gets a free page of self-promotion every two weeks in a publication that claims to have 310,000 readers an issue."

During an election that is more than a bit about a little thing called ethics, I'm unimpressed. Liberal Mario Silva, Conservative Theresa Rodrigues, and Green Mark O'Brien should demand equal space -- and find out if Perks is claiming the Eye space he gets every week in as a campaign contribution.

In more cute Gord Perks news...

His campaign is being run by wuvable waccoons!
There are some, unusual, volunteers in the campaign office today. The office is actually closed for the holidays, but as Derek, Andy and I walked by this morning on our way to shopping, Derek called out, "Amy, look!" and pointed at the window. There, nestled quite happily on top of a Gord Perks sign, were two of the fattest raccoons I've ever seen. We ran back to the house and got the camera, and snapped a whole roll of film. They were still there two hours later when we were on our way back home. So I just sent off an email to the info address for the campaign. Not much else I can do. I don't know anyone's phone number, no one should be coming in today because the office is closed for the holidays, and even if I call animal control, there's no way i could let them into the office. So I've done all I can. They were damn cute though.

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