Monday, December 12, 2005

Horn Tooting.

It's been a good couple of weeks here at On the Fence. Thanks to links from Warren Kinsella, Paul Wells, the CBAs, and the CBC Blog Report, this blog has seen more traffic in the first 12 days of December than it did all of November -- and November was On the Fence's traffickiest month since it was launched in February 2003.

A couple of linkages I found in my referrer logs recently have really made me proud, however.

First of all, I was tickled pink to discover that Terry Teachout -- the H.L. Mencken biographer and Wall Street Journal drama critic -- has added me to his blogroll. I am an admirer of TT's writings and want to pass on my best wishes for a swift recovery.

Secondly, I was tickled blue and white that a post I wrote was discussed on RDI's Les Coulisses du Pouvoir with Daniel Lessard on Sunday. If you (ie. Mom) want to watch the clip, click on Sunday the 11th on the calendar of archives shows and jump to about 48:42. Bruno Guglielminetti, Les Coulisses' techno correspondent, maintains a blog here.

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