Thursday, December 22, 2005

"I'm Paul Martin!" "No, I'm Paul Martin!

By golly, what a mean thing for Harper to say! What a suggestion, that the Liberals actually would like the PQ to be in power, so that they could play the national unity card! Says Paul Martin:
"I've campaigned alongside the provincial Liberals against the separatists in every single provincial campaign since I have been in Quebec and yet ... Mr. Harper, either out of anger or out of calculation, accused me of hoping for a separatist win...
"Let me say to you that is not within the boundaries of reasonable discourse. As different as our views might be, I would never for a moment suggest that Stephen Harper would prefer for partisan political reasons to see a separatist victory.
"As a Quebecer, as a life-long federalist and as the Prime Minister of Canada, I believe that I am entitled to the same courtesy from Mr. Harper. Frankly, as a matter of basic courtesy, I'd like to hear him say it."

Now wave your arms and go deedly-deedly-doo, deedly-deedly-doo, as we go back in time to... three weeks ago. Paul Martin says:
"We would see him [Mr. Harper] and [Bloc leader] Gilles Duceppe, if they get enough seats, working together to dismantle this country that all of us are so proud of."
Ah... I mean... Oops.

So, on the one hand, you have Harper saying the Liberals would like the PQ to be in power in Quebec, because it would give them a chance to play Captain Canada. (And they love Captain Canada here in Ontario, let me tell you.) On the other hand, you have Martin suggesting that Harper would actively work with the BQ to dismantle the country.

Paul Martin's mouth has got so many sides, he's like a talking hexagon.

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