Sunday, December 04, 2005

Is it time to stock up on tin foil yet?

You know I've been to four Toronto bookstores now looking for Ignatieff's Blood and Belonging because I want to read the chapters on Ukraine and Quebec, but there's not a single copy anywhere... The one copy at Book City on Bloor has "disappeared" according to the staff. Coincidence?

(Coincidence, I'm sure.)

UPDATE: The Hill Times has an interesting article today about the Etobicoke-Lakeshore debacle. Outgoing Liberal Jean Augustine denies being pushed out and paints the local riding executive as a rogue force obsessed with getting a Ukrainian-Canadian elected. But perhaps the most fun part is this:
Rumours that some Liberal strategists had pushed out Ms. Augustine to make room for Mr. Ignatieff started immediately after the announcement of her retirement and his sudden nomination.

But a source close to the Prime Minister denied having anything to do with helping the man who is being touted as a possible successor to Paul Martin (LaSalle-Émard, Que.).

"You can rest assured that Mr. Ignatieff has no cheerleaders in the team close to the Prime Minister," the source told The Hill Times. "And not many people are ready to lift a finger to facilitate the debut of Mr. Ignatieff in the political arena."
Wow, that's got to make Ignatieff feel welcome in Paul Martin's Liberal party... (Maybe Kinsella should start seeing Ignatieff as an ally in his war against PM PM.)

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