Friday, December 02, 2005

Nobody Better Lay a Finger on my NDP.

NDP has had a tough time these first days of the election campaign. The Conservatives and Liberals have been getting all the ink -- and Paul Martin has already started trying to poach the Dipper vote. As CalgaryGrit writes, "Jack Layton... continues to get more and more marginalized. The guy has been absolutely invisible; I keep half expecting him to show up campaign rallies wearing a red and white striped shirt and hat."

In case Jack needs a little help, On the Fence would like to pass on a link to The Advertising Slogan - Generator (via This Blog). "Getting Results for People" is okay, I guess, but it sounds a bit like, "Hey, do want me to pick up your essay when I drop by the professor's office?"

Here are some Slogans suggested by the generator:

- We'll Leave The NDP On For You.
- Ask the Man From the NDP.
- Unzip an NDP.
- NDP, Take me Away.
- The Too Good to Hurry NDP.
- For That Deep Down Body NDP.
- NDP Tested, Mother Approved.

Actually, I think "Unzip the NDP" could be a winner. Do it!

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