Thursday, December 15, 2005

Now every time I'm stuck in traffic I think of the Conservatives.

"Honk! Honk!" I don't think that guy was telling my cab driver that he loves Canada.

Anyway, I've already started stopping paying attention to the election, I'm afraid. There are gifts to buy, train tickets to book, end-of-the-year articles to write before I go on vacation...

I haven't updated the blogroll on the left for a while, but if you click on the bloglines link you'll find a list of the blogs I read every day, many of which are going hog wild on the campaign.

A couple quick notes:

- Once again, Quebec's leaders are proving themselves the most amenable to private involvement in health care -- at least once they're out of office. According to Le Devoir (links at Polyscopique), in interviews given for L'annuaire du Québec 2006, both Pierre-Marc Johnson and, a little more surprisingly, Jacques Parizeau "declared themselves favourable to a greater role for the private sector in health care and to the spirit of the Chaoulli ruling." That makes three former PQ leaders -- recall Bouchard and his call for a Lucien, er, lucid Quebec -- who are open to private health care. I think that's all the living ones.

- There are some funny bits over at this fellow's Derision 2006 blog. My favourite to date was Martin pledges 'total ban' on crime:
TORONTO (CNB) – In an bid to combat the violence that has plagued Canada's urban centres in recent months, Liberal Leader Paul Martin promised an outright ban on all crime. "My government will immediately bring forward legislation to ban all forms of crime, both petty and violent," said Martin, speaking to youth in a troubled Toronto neighbourhood. "Our aggressive vision for a safer Canada will leave no doubt in the minds of criminals – in this country, crime is very illegal."

UPDATE: Bernard Landry is alive!!!

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