Friday, December 23, 2005

Only in Canada...

...could the cost of icebreakers be treated as a serious campaign issue. The Liberals have rebutted Harper's icebreaker plan on their website:
When Mr. Harper announced his defence plan last week, he claimed it would cost $5.3 billion over 5 years. He says today’s commitment is included in the $5.3 billion over 5 years.

The problem is, the cost of three polar-class icebreakers would be at least $3 billion to build, with up to $150 million in annual operating costs.

Mr. Harper stated, "The total cost of the ice breakers and the docking facility will be around $2 billion."

Where does Mr. Harper plan to find another $1 billion?
Oh, snap! I'm totally switching my vote.

You know my position on icebreakers... I always like a good polar-class game of charades.

Hey-o! I'm here every night! Late. On the Internet. Every night. Sigh...

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