Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The True Meaning of Tuesday...
Golden Age night
Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like an old-timey radio show. So, why not come down to the Drake Hotel today for a live performance of Golden Age, a heart-warming tale of senior citizens and horse racing performed by that up-and-coming actor Joe Cobden (who was up for a Quebec Masque for Best Actor on Sunday evening), and written by Joe with the help of yours truly.

In addition to Mr. Cobden's thespianism, the evening will feature the funny-funny of Tim Sims Comedy Award nominee Kathleen Phillips and the music-music of Matt Murphy (star of The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico), Warren Spicer (Plants and Animals, Timber) and Katie Moore (also of Timber, Montreal's "angel-voiced... smart-alec").

Kelly Nestruck (that's me!) will also be participating in the evening by running a jellybean contest. Guess the number of jellybeans and you win... jellybeans!

9 p.m. at the Drake -- pay what you can.

To sum up: Live radio theatre, comedy, music... and you. That's the true meaning of Tuesday night.

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