Monday, December 12, 2005

You kinda like me! A few of you really like me!

The Canadian Blog Awards results are up... and, uh, it was an honour just to be nominated.

No, seriously, to come in fourth for "Best Media Blog" after Paul Wells, Antonia Zerbisias (who both maintain their blogs as part of their jobs) and Colby Cosh (a true journoblogger pioneer) is very nice.

Thank you very much to those who nominated and voted for me.

Now, a brief note on these Canadian Blog Awards: It is extremely unfortunate that they are run by Robert McClelland of the odious My Blahg. Both right-wing and left-wing bloggers boycotted the CBAs this year because of offensive comments Robert has made; some nominees less vain than I asked to be removed. In short, this year the awards have less validity than ever.

I renew my call for a group of non-partisan bloggers to band together and create a real Canadian Blog Awards. This country's vibrant blogosphere deserves no less.

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