Tuesday, January 03, 2006


In today's Post (free link), actor/new dad Raoul Bhaneja, whose Hamlet (solo) opened tonight in Toronto, dishes on his five favourite melancholy Danes. Keanu Reeves is not one. Richard Burton is: "He's no nancy-boy Hamlet."

And here's something I wasted a good bit of yesterday on: Hamlet -- The Text Adventure.
There is a nasty smell, a number of holes in the ground, graves everywhere, and some cracked headstones lying around. The wall of the palace garden is to the east.
A gravedigger is here.
You can also see a human skull.
An exit leads north.

> talk to gravedigger
"I never wanted to be a gravedigger. I wanted to be a famous actress!"

> look at skull
In an astonishing feat of visual biometrics you recognise the skull as that of your old court jester, alias poor Yorick.

> take skull
Okay. You have taken the skull.

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