Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Attack of the floating moustache!

Have you seen the new Conservative ad (click on "Jack Talk") attacking the NDP? I actually feel as if this is kind of good news for Dippers, perhaps especially since the ad is misleading which gives it a bit of a news hook. The ad makes it clear that there are ridings where the Conservatives are threatened most by the NDP, not the Liberals. The biggest problem the NDP has is being ignored, not disembodied facial hair...

After coming out strong at the beginning of the campaign and then fading into near irrelevancy, I'm pleased to see the NDP making a comeback here in the end stretch. This tack of talking about "former Liberal voters" switching to the NDP is very clever. It's less defensive than talking about NDP voters who vote for the Liberals out of fear of the Conservatives.

When Layton says that the Liberals need time in "the repair shop," he's speaking my language. (I used the expression "time in the wilderness" back before Christmas.) There are a lot of people out there, I think, that have been voting for a Liberal party that no longer exists.

I wrote earlier in the campaign about a Torontonian who drove me up the wall with his fear of the Conservatives. He has turned out to be the exception rather than the rule (though there are obviously left-leaning people who continue to think like that).

I know two people who voted for Tony Ianno in Trinity-Spadina last election, who are now voting for Olivia Chow. (I've even run into a few lefties who will openly say they'd prefer a Conservative minority to a Liberal one.)

It heartens me that people who used to be scared of Stephen Harper now disagree with him. That's the way I like to see our democracy work.

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