Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bargain Bin Politics.

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I wouldn't necessarily call this a bad omen, but I was interested to spot William Johnson's biography of Stephen Harper in the "Book Blow Out!" bin at my Loblaw's today while grocery shopping. Other books in the bin included:

- Greatest Ever Pasta;
- The Rise of the Mammals; and
- My First Muppet Dictionary.

This may or may not be a good time to mention that I picked up an autographed copy of Jean Chretien's "Straight from the Heart" for five bucks a few months ago at a closing sale for a used book store on Queen. The Awesome.

Also, what's the deal with people at deli counters? Why don't you decide what you want while you're waiting to be served? There are always these people who finally get to the front and then it's like they've just been given a pop quiz on nuclear physics.

"What kind of coldcuts do I want? I don't know... Can I try the black forest ham?"

You're forty years old and you're unaware of what black forest ham tastes like!?! Have you just renounced your life-long vegetarianism? Did you just convert from Judaism to a more pig-friendly religion? Gah!

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