Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cutting Jack some slack.

Okay, Layton had another good moment: When Paul Martin said he would get rid of the notwithstanding clause and Layton immediately pulled out the fact that Martin said he would use the N.C. if the courts forced churches to perform same-sex marriages.

Did Layton know in advance that Paul Martin was going to toss out that entirely new policy? Or is he that whip-smart? And if he is that whip-smart, why didn't he show it through the rest of the debate?

Anyway, here's the NDP War Room on the Notwithstanding Clause surprise:
Paul Martin today claims that he wants to pull the notwithstanding clause from the Constitution.

13 months ago he was ready to use it:

"Oh, yes I would," Martin said Thursday on CBC Radio when asked whether he would use the clause.

"I would look at it if it was a question of affirming a (religious)
right," he said, explaining that it would be used only under extreme circumstances.

-- CanWest News, December 19, 2003
Good job. Except, uh, December 2003 was 25 months ago. (And they wonder why Canadians don't trust the NDP with their finances?)

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