Saturday, January 07, 2006

Fish or cut bait!

For those asking, Ekos has the BQ at 44%, Liberals at 22%, and Conservatives at 20% in Quebec (source: Le Devoir). Andrew Coyne has another poll with Cons at 19% and Libs at 23%. Anyway, the Conservatives seem to be gaining in Quebec at the expense of the Liberals and the Bloc. And the Bloc is under 50%, so my previous comments about eating live cod and being oblique are now moot. Mootish.

Outside QC, I've been interested to stumble across a couple of conservative folks who are going to be strategically voting for the NDP. My buddy the Toronto stockbroker told me at the start of the campaign that he and several of his colleagues plan to do just that. Then, today, right-rescuer Tasha Kheiridden mused that she might vote for Olivia Chow.

Andrew Coyne offers an interesting argument that the Stop Harperites might want to consider voting strategically for the NDP:
[T]he NDP might plead to Liberal voters (and to their own): give us enough seats so that we hold the balance of power. You're wondering whether to vote Liberal to "stop Harper"? You can't stop Harper: the Liberals can't win. But if the Liberals can't keep him from power, the NDP can still keep him in check. Whether the Grits win 92 seats or 96 seats, it makes no difference. But whether the NDP win 24 or 28 seats makes all the difference in the world.
This makes sense to me. If it looks like we're headed towards a Conservative minority, it's much more in the interest of lefties to have a strong NDP holding the balance of power... Otherwise, the Conservatives will have to rely on right-wing Liberals (unlikely) or the Bloc (apparently unpalatable to most outside Quebec) to pass legislation. Or there will be an ugly stalemated parliament and another election shortly thereafter.

Any NDP supporters or fed-up left-Liberals out there who are considering voting Conservative strategically?

In truth, not enough voters grasp how to strategically vote properly -- you gotta know your riding! -- so this is pure wankery. But, well, hey, welcome to the blogosphere, man.

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