Thursday, January 26, 2006


Gee whiz, we know Stephen Harper hugs his kids. We've seen pictures of him hugging his kids.

And yet, Harper shakes hands with his son and daughter after dropping them off at school one day and the blogosphere goes n u t s.

I would just like to say two things here:

1) When I was Ben's age, I would have had a freakin' ohmygoddadIcantbelieveyouhuggedmeinfrontofallmyfriends! fit if my father hugged me when he dropped me off at school. And that wouldn't have even been in front of dozens of creepy photographers capturing the moment for posterity.

2) Am I the only one who finds it cute when adults shake kids' hands? I've only seen the pictures, but I like to picture it this way:

Rachel: Have a good day, Daddy Prime Minister!
Stevie H., with a shake and a wink: Thank you for your support.
Ben: God Dad, that fat guy with the beard is looking right at us.
Stevie H.: Yeah, that CP guy totally freaks me out. Hey, have a good day at school, sport. Mom and her RCMP detail'll see you at 1500 hours.
Ben: I wish I was, like, invisible.

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