Sunday, January 22, 2006

Joining the Liveblogging revolution!

Hey, folks. Starting tomorrow night sometime around 8, I will be liveblogging Election Night 2006, live from the swinging Trinity-Spadina living room of one Jason Chow, television columist for the Ottawa Citizen. Mr. Chow may weigh in from time to time with a bon mot here or there, as will my friend Sarah Treleaven, who last night told me, "I feel about the Liberal Party the same way I feel about men right now."

I'm sitting down with an abacus and graphing paper tonight to figure out my seat prediction for the office pool and will post that tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are four reads for you to consider as you head to the ballot box tomorrow. They have all, in a way, affected my personal vote:

- "Why Paul Martin has to go" by Paul Wells;
- "Far Right" by Andrew Coyne;
- An opinion on the Conservative and NDP platforms by Declan at Crawl Across the Ocean; and
- Democratic Space's final Strategic Voting guide.

Please folks, if you do vote strategically, remember my motto: Be Strategiot, Not An Eedeeot.

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