Monday, January 23, 2006

Liveblogging from Manoir Chow!

Live from Trinity-Spadina, it's On the Fence's first Election Night. Leave comments below or e-mail me at Hot diggity.

1:00AM: Goodnight everybody. I'm gonna catch the Harper speech replay tomorrow morning. Thanks for all your comments and e-mails!

12:55AM: Okay. Let's get Prime Minister Stephen Harper out here. I'm tired.

12:50AM: First Ira Dubinsky sighting of the evening! Congrats Ira. (We were compost monitors together during elementary school in NDG.)

12:49AM: "We will not just oppose, we will propose!" (That's good. Did you write that, Ian?)

12:48AM: I'm getting tired! This liveblogging is no longer making sense! Boooo! Booo!

12:46AM: They're booing Harper! Boooo! Boooo!

12:42AM: What does that mean? And what do you mean your party puts working X, Y & Z at the front of the line? Shouldn't there be no line?

12:38AM: This just in: Canada's Orange Revolution! (Well...)

12:30AM: Here comes Layton. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Jack say he'd shave his moustache if Olivia won and the NDP increased their seats? Stay tuned!

12:28AM: Duceppe says he'll work with Harper. Meanwhile, on CBC, Kim Campbell says, "Whatever."

12:23AM: Why isn't CBC covering Duceppe's speech? Ridiculous.

12:19PM: Well, if these numbers hold Conservatives (124) + Crazy Talk Show Independent (1) + NDP (29) that's EXACTLY HALF. What the hell? How do Canadians keep doing this? I guess we just like instability. Everyone holds the balance of power!

12:14PM: Bye Paul Martin. (He just said he won't lead the Libs into another election.) I respect you for this.

12:13PM: Did ex-PM PM just say that he likes to make little girls fidget?

12:11PM: Resign! Resign! Resign!

12:10PM: My spouse's name isn't Sheila.

12:09PM: Ex-PM PM: I called Stephen Harper. I congratulated him. My eyebrows thickened to Levyesque proportions.

12:01PM: Here he is. Paul Martin. He kind of looks like Eugene Levy right now.

11:45PM: Olivia Chow wins Trinity-Spadina. Our Trinity-Spadina living room goes wild.

11:32PM: There will be a recount on Radiohead fan Tony Clement's COnservative with in Parry Sound-Muskoka. 21 votes separating Clement and Liberal. There are two colours in my head! What? What is that you try to say?

11:27PM Hot rumour: Apparently Paul Martin is considering NOT conceding. Whaaaa? Is he trying to form a coalition with the NDP as we speak?

11:23PM -- Long lines in Vancouver Centre, so they extended the voting hours. That's what they're saying, anyway. Fry's up with the first polls reporting.

11:22PM -- Everyone agrees: Joe Volpe looks like Alex Trebek.

11:20PM -- Evan Solomon to Ignatieff: What's the first thing you're going to do as an elected MP? Ignatieff: "I'm going to go home and vacuum my home and do my laundry." (Actual quote.)

11:18PM -- Regalcock is fighting back!

11:17PM -- What is going on in Vancouver Centre? It's the only riding not to report any results. (Sarah Marchildon? Is this your doing?)

11:14PM -- Garneau: I'm unemployed. Politics more difficult than astronauting.

11:11PM -- Cabinet Ministers defeated: Saada, Valeri. Frulla, McLellan, Carroll, Ianno, Blondin-Andrew trailing.

11:08PM -- Stronach wins, Frulla loses. And here's your Cabinet Minister break-down from CBC, passed on by Mike Gillis. Only two shots can be taken for sure.

10:54PM -- Press release from Global: "Global Television was the first network out of the election gates tonight, calling a Conservative government at exactly 7:30 p.m. ET to Maritime audiences." Expect CTV to counter with a press release of their own claiming to have called it at 3:00PM ET in Australia.

10:52PM -- Tony Valeri is defeated by the NDP dude. Ha! (Bulte's behind, but it's too close to call.) If those two and Ianno go down, I will be very happy.

10:51PM -- Now Chow's up and Pettigrew's down. Stop! My head is spinning!

10:44PM -- Hot time in Trinity-Spadina tonight. 43.2% for Ianno. 42.4% for Chow with 9.2% reporting.

10:42PM -- "Keith Boag has a creepy ring. It cements his creepiness," says Kate Swoger.

10:41PM -- Ignatieff has been called! He's in.

10:39PM -- Liberal blow out! Regalcock is down in Winnipeg! Landslide Annie slides landward! (What?) Garneau behind the BQ! ("Come on, he's an astronaut!") At least they've still got Carolyn Bennett. (Sorry Kent.)

10:36PM -- Elections Canada has a much better site than the Globe. Surprises: Cutler's behind McGuinty; Pettigrew's leading in Papineau.

10:30PM -- Ten Conservatives in Quebec? As I live and breathe. Ici, c'est le Con. (Paul Martin won his riding.)

10:20PM -- Torontoist's Ali B. writes, "Sarah T. is wrong about Evan Solomon - he is a
smarm-bucket." Sarah T. asks, "Don't you think Ed Broadbent look like Andy Rooney?"

10:18PM -- The Green dream dies.

10:15PM -- The Greens are ahead in a riding? That's cool. Which one?

10:11PM -- Brian Mulroney on CTV. He looks healthy. Healthier than Craig Oliver, in fact. (Jason Rehel reports: Mulroney just made a Ben Mulroney joke. Wah-wah-wah...)

10:08PM -- CBC projects Conservative Minority. Live results at Globe, fyi.

10:05PM -- Paul Martin's trailing the new mom in Lasalle-Emard! The Awesome! (Also, only two polls reporting, admittedly.)

10:00:30 PM -- CTV just called Conservative Minority. That was quick.

9:59PM -- Hi Cameron: Sarah L, Ben E., Rohanna, Jason Rehel, Jason Chow and I say hi.

9:51PM -- Stop nodding Evan Solomon. Stop. Nodding. (On the other hand, Sarah Treleaven says he is cute.)

9:46PM -- Steven Page is going to premiere a new song called "Bull in a China Shop" at NDP HQ tonight. Great.

9:44PM -- Memo to Diana Swain. Re: Incredulous. I don't think that word means what you think it does.

9:41PM -- Other livebloggers this evening include Andrew Coyne and Antonia Zerbisias. They will be similarly boring until 10:00PM EST.

9:38PM -- Keith Boag said harbinger.

9:35PM -- Peter Mackay and Scott Brison, the rivalry that will never die.

9:30PM -- We're live. CTV already has numbers coming in. I guess I'm not allowed to say anything until 10:00p.m.

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