Thursday, January 19, 2006

Marry while the marrying's good!

I've been waiting for this story to appear: Gays rush to altar, fearing marriage law at risk.
Gay couples across Canada are rushing to the altar, worried that a possible Conservative government will reverse the legalization of same sex marriages.

Daniel Lockwood and Jason Cass were one couple who got married Wednesday in Toronto.

"We decided Saturday night (to get married) Wednesday afternoon. The election is Monday. We wanted to do it before Monday," Cass said.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said at the beginning of the election campaign that he would allow a free vote on the issue if the Conservatives form the next government. [On the Fence adds: The Conservative position is that any same-sex couples who have already married before the new proposed "civil union" legislation is enacted will remain married.]

Pastor Mickey Wilson in Edmonton is scheduled to marry five same-sex couples in 10 days.

Toronto's city hall wedding co-ordinator, Louise Code, said there are 10 same-sex marriages booked for Friday.

"We've noticed a considerable surge in same sex weddings that wish to be performed," she said.

Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman and his partner are also considering pushing up their marriage date if Harper becomes prime minister.

"We're concerned that the rights we currently have that are constitutionally guaranteed are put at risk by Mr. Harper," Smitherman said.
The Conservative Party's anti-SSM stance is the main reason why I won't seriously consider casting my vote for them, even if I am rooting for a Conservative minority.

Already it's having negative consequences... Rushing to the altar is never a good idea. Gay and lesbian couples should have the rest of their lives to decide whether or not to get married.

[Some of my thoughts on this issue are over at Tart Cider's blog.]

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