Monday, January 09, 2006

The Notwithstanding claws come out.

Well, looks like Mr. Living Democratic Deficit is on his way out. All hail Prime Minister Beady Eyes!

What to say about that debate? Well, let's do this in point format, because there was beer at my debate party.

- The liveliest stuff was about whether was Quebec was a "nation" or not, an academic debate that sounds like nonsense outside of la belle province.

- Harper wins points for not saying "nation" at all.

- You know what will really turn the tide for you, Paul Martin? Talk about reopening the constitution and altering the Charter that you say Harper wants to alter. That'll really win you the swing votes. NOT! (withstanding clause)

- It's really, really funny to watch Gilles Duceppe with the closed captioning on.

- My Television Producer friend, who was also at the Ottawa Citizen's television columnist Jason Chow's debate-watching party, said that Harper and Layton had the best positions (on the ends), because they always knew what camera to look at for the head-on shots. I wouldn't have noticed that Paul Martin was often looking into the wrong camera if T.P. hadn't kept yelling "Camera B! Camera B!" though, so I'm sure that will have little or no impact. Interesting trivia, mind.

- Poor show for Jack Layton. I understand he was trying to sound calm, measured, and like a valid third "option," but what he said was so contentless and emotionless that it really turned me off. His line about creating "winning conditions" for Canada didn't read well.

- One more thing about Jack Layton. You know how when you say a word over and over eventually it stops making sense. I no longer understand the phrase "working families." Thanks, Jack.

- Okay, two positive things about J.Lay. 1. He sounded good on crime, and 2) I dug it when he said the NDP was going to "get down." Yeah!

- Oh, Gilles Duceppe. Your gestures are so funny!

Okay, I gotta get up early for work, so that's it. To sleep, perchance to dream of a left-leaning party in favour of decentralization.

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