Saturday, January 07, 2006

Running with the Polls.

I occasionally find myself sympathetic to the idea that we should have a publication ban on polls during election campaigns, though usually my strong support of freedom of the press stops me from openly advocating such a thing. Anyway, pollster Darrell Bricker, commenting on Andrew Coyne's blog, has blasted away my remaining sympathy for banning polls:
[B]anning polls. What? You don't trust people with the truth? Ban them and we'll get parties leaking false polls, people who can afford to do private polls holding on to the results and using them for personal gain, and people who can't be prosecuted (eg Americans) doing them and leaking them on the Internet. That's better? Instead, we should have lots of polls so that the crappy ones become obvious. Information in a democracy is a good thing.
True dat.

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