Sunday, January 08, 2006

Strange Things Meme -- a break before the final electoral stretch.

The hyphenless Paul Tuns has soberly tagged me in the meme du jour. According to said meme, I am to list five strange things about myself. (Sorry -- none of mine have to do with a sensitive gag reflex.)

1. I ride a unicycle.

2 At my father’s behest, I once took part in a two-man protest against a local cat rescue operation’s fundraising yard sale in Winnipeg. We unicycled back and forth holding signs that said "Yay Dogs" on one side and "Boo Cats" on the other.

3. I have this secret power that my friends and I call Kelly Luck. Lindsay describes it this way: "You have things that don’t actually help you in the long run work out in strange and amusing ways constantly." It’s really hard to explain, but essentially it means that I am inconsequentially lucky.

4. On my CV, I used to list "Ducks" under interests.

5. Instead of writing a end-of-term six-page paper for a Religious Studies class at McGill, I wrote a 45-minute musical called Misogyny: The Musical. It included a song called, "Let’s put the men back in menstruation."

Lindsay suggests I include the time I urinated in a series of wine glasses at a high school party. I decline his suggestion.

The meme dictates that I am to tag five other people. Aiming high, they are:

- Prime Minister Paul Martin;
- Scott Feschuk;
- Valérie Bélair-Gagnon;
- Declan at Crawl Across the Ocean; and
- Rondi at Wonkitties.

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