Saturday, January 07, 2006

This Charming Man.

New British Tory leader David Cameron has excellent taste in music. Discussing his iPod contents on Radio One, he divulged, "Because I'm 39 there's The Smiths, Radiohead, Pulp, Blur - all that quite gloomy music." (Also loaded up: Bob Dylan and lots of reggae.)

Anyway, a Guardian writer, being a Guardian writer, takes Cameron to task on his choice of mp3: "The Tory leader may represent a new tomorrow for the party faithful but in terms of his music he is 10 years behind the times."

What!?! The Smiths and Radiohead are timeless... TIMELESS! Name me one contemporary British band as good as them. Pah.

Besides said Guardian writer (Xan Brooks) conveniently ignores that Cameron digs the Killers, too.

Not that there's any pleasing Guardian writers though. On the Culture Vulture blog, Lindesay Irvine writes: "When Tony Blair... recently professed to a fondness for the Darkness and Coldplay, his musical tastes seemed thoroughly in tune with what we know of his personality - self-consciously sensitive but ideologically neutral, consumer-friendly stuff."

Well, okay. I'd say that's a fair comment.

Anyway, Cameron's love of Radiohead, though it has just raised his estimation in my books, doesn't bode well for his electoral success. The only other conservative politician I know who has openly proclaimed his love of Thom Yorke is Tony Clement. Nuff said.

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