Monday, January 09, 2006

Title match: Fry vs. Robinson

In an excellent blog post, Sarah Marchildon reports from a heckle- and foreskin-filled Vancouver Centre debate between Liberal Hedy "Burning Crosses" Fry and Dipper Svend "Lord of the Ring" Robinson:
It seems the ring theft is a non-issue. Or at least it's a non-issue for people who vote NDP. There were a few Svend-haters in the room who tried to use the theft against him. Like when Hedy Fry went way over her allotted time after answering a question, Svend joked, "I hope that didn't go into my time."

A guy in the crowd yelled out, "You didn’t serve any!" Then people started heckling the heckler. Like I said, it was lively.

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