Saturday, January 21, 2006

Toronto: It ain't over until it's over.

As a former resident of Trinity-Spadina, there are few things I would like better than to see Tony Ianno go down in this election as E.P. predicts will happen. But don't count Lazy Tony out. Riding up Ossington on the bus this afternoon, I saw literally dozens of freshly planted Ianno signs on lawn...

As for my current riding, Davenport, where the race is between Liberal Mario Silva and NDPer Gord Perks, my household has now received four flyers that I've seen: Two from Perks, one from Silva, and one from Conservative spoiler Theresa Rodrigues. Perks seems to have a lot of momentum, at least in my part of the huge riding, but Silva's single, cheaply-printed flyer includes a number to call if I need a ride to the polls -- that's the sign of a real electoral machine. This one is going to be close, I think.

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