Friday, January 06, 2006

Your Ex-Lover is Dead

A message left at the Irving Layton tribute blog:
January 5, 2006
PincuVing, Irving Rabbenu, my Biscuit Boy, fare-thee-well my love. You knew, and I know you knew, that since that car-wreck of a day in 1995 when you helped me to leave and start my own life, there have been maybe a grand total of 6 days where I did not think of you. This city, our streets, our home, our life together was an extraordinary adventure, and I am glad to have brought you so much happiness, not to mention 'productive joy' for so many years. Thank you for all that you taught me, all that you showed me, and for your unconditional love in which I revelled, grew, and lived so intensely. I know that you know all of this, and more. Bye, love, bye.

What have I learned about Layton over the past few days? He was probably one of the best goddamn high school teachers ever. And maybe that's his biggest legacy.

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