Monday, February 06, 2006

David Emerson.

What a slut! God, how whorish of that dipstick to prostitute himself out like that! It's like he accepts money for sex or something...

Anyway, yeah. I don't really have many objections to MPs crossing the floor. I'm not sure if the Emerson defection will help or hinder the Conservatives, though.

On the one hand, this makes makes the Cons look like a bunch of whiny hypocrites.

On the other hand, a Liberal who said this about the Conservatives -- "They've got a message that they've been quite successfully getting out to try to pretend they're moderate on a range of issues where we all know that underneath, when you scratch a bit, they're not moderate at all." -- defecting to the Conservatives makes it clear that the "scary Harper and his scarymen!" Liberal rhetoric was a bunch of b.s. Plus, Emerson voted for gay marriage, so that also makes the Cons look more moderate.

But on the other hand, nobody except political junkies will care about this in a week.

In other news, I bet Jack Layton's got a real grin today, not just a boiled dog's head smile. An event that makes the Conservatives and the Liberals look like two sides of the same coin... AND Cons (125) + NDP (29) now = 154/308. Add A.Arthur to the Conservative column and the Dips can hold the balance of power all by their lonesomes again. And now the Bloc and the Liberals can't bring down the government without getting the NDP onside. NDP: Nice damn! Power!

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