Thursday, February 09, 2006

Happy 3rd Blogday, On the Fence!

Blog du pays, c'est mon tour
De me laisser blogguer d'amour...

My very first post was on February 9, 2003. Today is February 9, 2006. Still no flying cars.

How am I celebrating my blogday? Oh, I'm lying in bed with a lung infection.

Or something. I don't know what it is. But it involves a fever and a hacky cough. Oh, and some aching, too.

There's some irony in my current agony: My immune system is often a little prone to crashing -- I had a similar childhood to our new Prime Minister -- so I joined a gym last month in order to get all buff and, presumably, get ill less often.

As part of my deal with Good Life, I signed up for six session with a personal trainer. Jing is her name. Anyway, Jing called me last night to cancel our next session. Why? Oh, because she has an infection and is on antibiotics. Same symptoms as me. She's felt bad for the past week, but only went to the doctor now.

Oh, the last week. You mean, the last week including the day we met for our second session? Argh.

I totally got sick from my personal trainer. IRONIC! ANNOYING! COUGH! HACK!

Let this be a lesson to you: Exercise is bad for your health. Of course, now that I've signed up for this gym, I have to keep going. They're going to keep charging me, that's for sure. I hate everything.

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