Saturday, February 04, 2006

It's a sign of what a bad shape the Liberal Party is in...

... that I keep running into lefties who see the Conservative minority with significant NDP gains (seat-wise, at least) as the best possible result from the last election. Of course, not everyone is content. To wit, Judy Rebick.

There's a lot of silly assertions in Rebick's piece criticizing the NDP for its "right-wing electoral campaign", but the silliest is this:
When Jack Layton announced out of the blue at the beginning of the campaign that he actually supported the Clarity Act, any chance of unity with the left in Quebec flew out the window. Most progressives in Quebec that I've talked to voted NDP in the last federal election because they believed that Jack was the first leader who really supported Quebec's right to self-determination. This time they voted Bloc Québécois.
What percentage of the popular vote did the NDP get in Quebec in 2006? 7.5%. Boy, what a dramatic drop from their 2004 results, when they got 4.6% of the popular vote in Quebec.... Oh wait. That's actually a gain of 2.9% -- a bigger increase in popular vote than the NDP got nationally during the same period. Newfoundland is the only province where the NDP gained more popular-vote wise from 2004 to 2006... In fact, the NDP did better in Quebec in the 2006 election than they have in any election since the BQ was formed.

And, I should note, the Bloc's share of the Quebec vote fell by 7.8% in 2006.

So who are these Quebec progressives Rebick talked to? Is she just making them up or is she only in touch with people who are out of touch with the actual political currents in Quebec? The NDP should ignore such ill-informed advice...

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