Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ms. Eckler Goes to Bloggington.

Remember the recent book battle between Ryan Bigge and Leah McLaren? Yes, I know, you're trying to forget, but hold on a second. You'll recall the Star's book editor Dan Smith wrote that it involved "an unprecedented, week-long catfight of venom, finger-pointing and character assassination in the heavily trafficked blogosphere, where many CanLit players and wannabees hunt." (For the record, we take issue with his use of the word "unprecedented".)

Leah McLaren had her response to the blogoskirmish in Saturday's Globe:
The day I decided to swear off the blogosphere was the morning I decided to plug my own name -- and the names of several other writers I know and admire -- into the search engine at technorati.com, a site known as Blogger HQ (it claims to itemize every new blog on the Internet; last time I checked, the head count was more than 28 million). The results of my search were grim: countless chat rooms full of bitter unpublished writers venomously slagging published ones -- their terrible spelling, poorly constructed sentences and outrageous amounts of displaced hatred and envy a testimony to why they became bloggers in the first place.
McLaren couldn't stand the heat so she got out of the kitchen. I'm sure the blogosphere isn't losing any sleep.

Now, during the "week-long catfight," one Rebecca Eckler, who writes for the National Post, was frequently brought into the melee. People taking a swipe at McLaren wanted to get a poke in a Eckler at the same time. This is often the case. People can't seem to just turn the page on them...

But Eckler has a different response to the heat. On the same day McLaren decided to publically renounce the blogosphere, Eckler decided to jump in feet first.

That's right. Check it out: Nine Pound Dictator - Rebecca Eckler's blog. She has yet to really post yet, but I know once she does you're going to scoff, pretend you don't read it, and then read it every day anyway. You know it's true.

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