Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Oscanadars.

Canada or Canadians played an important role in each of the five best picture nominees announced yesterday: Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Crash, Good Night, and Good Luck, and Munich. Can you guess the Canuck connection for each? (Answers at the end of this article.)

Which one do I hope wins? Well, Brokeback, Capote and Munich were all great films, so I'd be happy if any of them took home the Oscar. (Haven't seen Crash; no diss intended to London, Ont.'s Paul Haggis.)

If I have any strong feelings about this category, it's that I sincerely hope that Hollywood doesn't give in to its McCarthy fetish and give the best picture trophy to the beautifully shot, well-acted, but nuance-free and self-righteous GNAGL.

My colleague Chris Knight disagrees and hopes it or Brokeback will win. He calls GNAGL "a 93-minute civics lesson about a war of ideas between journalist Edward R. Murrow and a junior senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy. Frighteningly relevant 50 years after the time in which it is set, it garnered applause at a rep cinema screening this week as the final credits rolled."

See, I agree that GNAGL is a 93-minute civics lesson, but I say that in a derisive way. ("The film's a 93-minute ciiiv-icks lesson. Snort.") Also something I am personally suspicious of : Films that get applause at your local rep cinema. That's a good sign that a film is all about making you feel proud and superior. For me, the best dramas leave you unable to clap at the end.

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