Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Repeal the blasphemy law!

The British one that prohibits blaspheming the Church of England:
A conglomerate of British writers and artists are spearheading a campaign to abolish the country's centuries-old blasphemy law that offers the Anglican Church special protection.

Launched by English PEN, a lobby group for freedom of expression, the campaign is led by best-selling author Philip Pullman and London's National Theatre Director Nicholas Hytner, The Times daily reported today...

Britain's blasphemy law, introduced in 1697, only covers the Church of England and a 1938 ruling denies the law's coverage to all other religions, including other Christian faiths.

That is why angry Muslims could not invoke it in regard to Rushdie's Satanic Verses, the daily said...

The blasphemy law was last used was in 1977 against the editor of Gay News for publishing a poem about a gay Army commander's love for Christ.
PEN's statement on the Mohammad cartoons pretty much summarizes my feelings on that whole debacle, by the way.

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