Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some Girls are Bigger Than Others.

Antonia Zerbisias is getting a lot of flack for this post and the accompanying column about the cartoon controversy. I've been very troubled by the insane, over-the-top reaction to the cartoons and worried that too many are equating words and pictures with actions, and attacking a religion with attacking a people. But I'm still collecting my thoughts on the whole issue and I think it's important to remain calm... For what it's worth, I think Zerbisias makes several good points in her column, though, as usual, they are a little hard to hear, drowning as they are in over-heated my-side rhetoric.

To wit, this bit from A.Z.'s column:
...Israpundit who, along with Michelle Malkin, who is like Ann Coulter but not as funny and not so skinny, are leading the cartoon crusade.
Can you imagine Zerb ever mentioning the weight or size of a male columnist in her column, or a female columnist she agreed with? Or a male columnist saying that about Malkin? I thought Az was supposed to call this sexist stuff out.

I will never understand columnists who write as if they actively want to discourage people who disagree with them from reading.

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