Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Better than Ezra.

Blogging about the Western Standard's two-year anniversary party at Conrad Black's home, Antonia Z. writes:
Can't figure out why I wasn't on Ezra Levant's guest list....?
I guess we plebes will have to wait for the Post's gossip guy Shinan Govani or that party snapping boldface babe Amoryn Engel to give us the scoop on how the right-leaning rabble nibbled on duck quesidillas and prawns and had a jolly old time in the Blackness.

I like to think of it all as a kind of "last supper."
When I read that, I thought, "My, how nice of the Toronto Star's media columnist to wish the death of a Canadian publication..." But in the comments, A.Z. balked at the idea that she meant this was the "last" supper for the W.S.: "[W]here exactly do I say I long for the demise of the WS? Where? Tell me. Where????"

That can only mean one thing, then... Zerbisias just compared Conrad Black to Jesus Christ.

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