Sunday, March 05, 2006

Buzz offed.

Good on the Ontario NDP membership for upholding Buzz Hargrove's suspension from the party:
Party members from across the province voted overwhelmingly yesterday to support a decision by the provincial executive to suspend Hargrove after his controversial move to strategically support the federal Liberals during the recent election campaign.
First of all, I don't see why members of the Canadian Auto Workers would want their president to belong to a party anyway. He should be able to work for their interests with whatever party is elected.

Now, if he believes that a Conservative government could not possibly be in CAW's interests and wouldn't cooperate with them, I don't have any problem with Buzz telling his members that they should vote for the NDP in some ridings, the Liberals in others and the Bloc in others. That may well be in their best interests. I just don't understand how someone can openly campaign for other parties and claim to be an NDP member. Nor do I understand why certain NDP members want to stand by their man while he sluts around; if he wanted an open relationship, he should have at least mentioned it before the wedding.

It's nice to see the NDP behave like a political party that doesn't have self-esteem issues. The party should continue to do the opposite of whatever NOW magazine tells them to. In this week's NOW, they had an article encouraging the NDP to overturn Hargrove's expulsion. And then, even more ridiculously, they had one urging the NDP to form a coalition with the Liberals and stop running candidates in the other's strongholds.

The NDP isn't served by these people who claim to support the NDP, but who are really left-leaning Liberals who like to feel morally superior to their left-leaning Liberal friends and only vote for the NDP when the Liberals are in the clear, ie. when it doesn't really matter. If you want to be non-partisan, be non-partisan. (In fact, I recommend it.) But if you really are an NDP supporter, show a little backbone -- like the Ontario party members did this weekend.

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