Monday, March 06, 2006

Le Untrod Map.

More remixed transit maps! Matthew Hollett has come up with some excellent anagrams for the Montreal Metro. I'm delighted to see Place-Saint-Henri turn into Penile Anarchist, Université-de-Montréal transformed into True Lover Inseminated, and Côte-Sainte-Catherine rearranged into Anaesthetic Erection. See a certain theme emerging? That's Montreal for you...

Julien has another one. Stations of note: A Fete in Porn (Préfontaine), Manly Root (Mont-Royal), and A Varicose Squirt (Square Victoria).

This remix is perhaps the most, er, ribald, including Oral Monty (Mont-Royal), Cervix Halo (Charlevoix), and No Nut Beaver (Bonaventure).

That such sexual anagrams should emerge is fitting since, for most of my life, the transit system in Montreal was called the STCUM. It was named, of course, after St. Cum, a little-known Catholic saint who was very well known in his time. (Now, unfortunately, it's just called the STM.)

I should also note Hollett's map has a station of particular interest for bloggers: Guy Concordia, which turns into Accordion Guy. (That's not how this guy got his name, is it?)

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