Friday, March 10, 2006

The Peanut Mystery.

Remember the anaphylactic Quebec 15-year-old who died after kissing her boyfriend, who had eaten a peanut-butter sandwich beforehand? According to Coroner Dr. Michel Miron, Christina Desforges did not actually die from her peanut allergy after all.

Miron won't reveal the actual cause of death until he receives some final test results and submits his report to the provincial coroner.

It's a very strange story, which leaves a lot of questions, namely how did an unsubstatiated rumour because an international news story. And, of course, what killed Desforges?

While this story is certainly bizarre, it should be noted that allergic reactions from kissing are not an urban myth.

Though Desforges may not have died from a peanut kiss, the lessons from the story remain the same. As Dr. Miron said in clearing up the story, "Nous ne sommes pas devant un cas de décès par choc anaphylactique, mais il est bon que les parents dont les enfants souffrent d'allergies informent les proches et les amis de la situation. Souvent, le jeune ne veut pas que son entourage soit informé de son état de santé."

Translated: "We are not dealing with a case of death from anaphylactic shock, but it is good for parents of kids who suffer from allergies to inform the people in their child's life and their friends. Often, the child does not want their entourage to be informed about their health problem."

(I don't know why some kids wouldn't want to let the people around them know about their allergies. It's not like you'd get harrassed for talking about it, or have to listen to people complain about how their kids can't bring peanut-butter sandwiches to school anymore, or be told to stop whining because there are kids who have been molested or who are in a wheelchair. Oh, wait...)

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